That I may make the voice of thanksgiving heard and may tell of all Your wondrous works.
--Psalm 26:6-8 (AMP)

Cruise the Western Caribbean with the 2010 Trustworthy and True: Christian Authors on Tour/August 14 - 19, 2010!

Sailing Carnival Inspiration/August 14 - 19, 2010
Tampa, FL to the Grand Cayman Islands and Cozumel, Mexico

Join the 2010 Trustworthy and True: Christian Authors on Tour for a 2-day writer's conference as part of a 5-day Caribbean cruise.

Enjoy the sounds of critically acclaimed Gospel artist and top 5 finalist for the VH1 Song of the Year Songwriter's Competition, Carmen; meet a dynamic group of Christian authors; and participate in a variety of power-packed writing workshops!

$275 deposit due A.S.A.P.
(All deposits are non-refundable)

1st Payment of $260 due February 5, 2010!

For more details regarding the 2010 Trustworthy and True: Christian Authors on Tour Cruise, email call 443-257-6752!

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Sacred Zion Full Gospel Baptist Church
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Stock up on lots of great Christian fiction and non-fiction books while you enjoy holiday and inspirational songs from Carmen Calhoun (!
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A Defining Message from Gold Member, Joy Turner

A Defining Message from Gold Member, Joy Turner
(Author of Content...Right Where I Am)

Writing can be used as a great tool for ministry and although it can never replace the true and living waters found in the Word of God (The Bible), writing can certainly be a vessel used to lift up the name of Jesus so that someone might be encouraged, delivered, healed, restored, and/or equipped with knowledge.

There have been several books - perhaps a handful that I can name - that had quite a significant impact on my life, but there is one specific book, God's Psychiatry by Charles L. Allen, that pulled me closer to God's word and ultimately into the arm's of Christ to receive my salvation. Shortly after reading this book which is based completely on the 23rd Psalm, I gave my life to Christ and became attached to a local church where I could receive further encouragement, instruction and counsel for my new life in Christ.

When I think back on that time, I realize that God had allowed something within the pages of that book to minister to my heart and draw me closer to Him. No one could have ever told me that I would someday write a book that would impact others in a similar way. To God Be the Glory!
We are seeking additional Christian authors to join the 2010 National Tour! If you are a Christian author and would like to join the tour, please email the following items to

(1) Your full name;
(2) Your book title;
(3) The publication date of your book;
(4) Your publisher's name;
(5) a short synopsis of your book;
(6) your short bio;
(7) a .gif or jpeg photo of your book cover;
(8) the cost of your book;
(9) a statement explaining how Revelation 21: 5 speaks to your heart as a Christian writer;
(10) a head-shot photo of yourself.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the new GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE memberships for the 2010 National Tour! You should determine which type of membership you are interested in obtaining before submitting your information.

Author Selection Process:

Step 1:
The information you submit via email will be reviewed to determine if you are a good match for the tour.

Step 2:
You will be asked to submit a complimentary copy of your book for review.

Step 3:
You will receive a follow-up email explaining our decision regarding your participation with Christian Authors on Tour.

Due to the high volume of emails from interested authors, you can expect some delay in our response back to you. Please be patient with us! You will eventually get an email response from If after 4 weeks you still have not received an email response, please check your SPAM folder and be sure to change the settings on your account to receive regular emails from

Note: As of 2/28/09, Christian Authors on Tour only accepts new author inquiries via email.

The Reason Why We Write!

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